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Dienstag, 26. August 2014


Dewdrops on grass like crystal disco balls
strewn by a careless gardener
left there to glister on green grass blades
greet the first rays of daylight
like diamonds scattered on the ground
or sparkling water beautifully spilled
by the God of Small Things.

Fragile II

Fragile as a glass statue on a busy intersection
Fragile as a shade’s protection
Fragile as an idea in its inception
Fragile as a promise built upon deception
Fragile as a woman hiding in perfection

Fragile as this poem’s last section:
Fragile as a heart
After it has known rejection 

Sonnet for Artesians

She yares for his pelf prad, her fleerest kine
To thew her pintles intagliated with his.
Abrades that penster, he is firthed with hircine;
She jounces off his couths and he depones her ploces
Crinited bedizing into virga
Only to agnate and agnate agon
Tope unto both remoras and the lamia,
Thewing from the attar of escutcheon
Connipted they trow and connipted they thirl
Until their plashy is avast dewclawed
In each other’s limbates, into osmic birl
Labroses in entelechy exurbed
            As one, axillaring at each other’s oxteral
            Reduxing one another, connipted vernal

Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013


Fragile as a dry leaf
Fragile as a spider’s web
Fragile as a strand of rain
Fragile as a newborn’s health
A teenager’s dreams
An unhappy marriage
An old man’s bones
Fragile as you in all your strength

Pepe Portero

Rough leather skin
Firm handshake
Sometimes as painful as that rusty gate screaming in its hinges
With a nod or a grin
Wide as mothers open arms
You’d call us over
Telling silly stories and jokes
But all I’d recall was cleaning agent, damp autumn leaves
The assuring weight of your hand on my shoulder
The cologne you’d wear on Sundays
That friendly, shriveled face
Like a raisin
And the raspy voice
Like iron grinding iron
Never showed, never said
What you used to do with our house in our absence
Never dreamed we were wrong to trust you