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Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010

sacred seed

i'm chasing rainbows, everyone elbows
like a busy stream that constantly flows
restlessly racing down a thousand roads
where nobody sees and nobody knows
i seem to oversee you in every scene
open my eyes and teach me how to see
oh i need to stop thinking about me
but in the middle of this busy street
in secret dwells a single sacred seed
i know you've been thinking about me
can i bring you this simple melody?
this is my prayer and this is my plea
oh won't you empty me so i can be
in this place here, only you and me

Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

The Father And The Son

See there?
He's standing
His arms open
The father
For the son
Though is heart
Has been broken
His arms are
Wide open
Stretched out
In longing
Waiting about
And he'll wait
Through a thousand
Splendid suns
And a thousand
Stormy nights
Every single day
Until the lost
May be found
The beloved
May come round
The father's arms
A second chance
He's saying
Come, son
Standing there
His arms bare
And open wide
As to invite
The whole world
The father
The return of the son
Will you come?

In The End

I'm not ready
My breath fast
Ten thousand thoughts
My mind explodes
Sheol my abode
Truly deserved
Can't change the past
- despicable theft
Few moments left
But not him
Nailed to my side
Pure as a bride
If it is true
Then he can undo...
One brief look
Into his eyes
My universe collides
- I see paradise

The Sentence

With eyes as hard
As the rocks in their hands
They drag her before him
Shee looks like a wreck
With clothes torn apart
Her sight is blurry
Broken her heart
Death is their sentence
Will he be just?
He doesn't say a thing
Stoops down
Writes in the dust
Louder they cry
What will he say?
He stands up
She's trembling with fear
He opens his mouth
The words comming out
Strike them like thunder
One by one
Making a dump sound
Rocks drop to the ground
He looks at her
With love in his eyes
His words give life
She leaves
And now she lives