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Samstag, 27. Dezember 2008

The Box

Browsing through the third floor
Of a second hand store
I found our dreams stored in a box
The tag said: sale half price

I sat down to remember
Turning back the clocks
To where we dared to dream
Of the mysteries of the unseen

Our lives a rumor and a clamor
Of a love that parts the seas
The rivers sing, they dance the trees
And the hills shout loud about it

Love that goes from east to west
And runs as deep as it is wide
Love that's by your side
And holds the world together

The box in my hand I stand
And I try to understand
What happened to our hope
In this love of which we spoke?

Reaching into my pockets
Paper tigers, silhouettes
And keys that have no bound
Nothing else I found

Then I heard a strong voice say
Through the noise and through to me
Time to fall down on your knees and pray
And take off your shoes

For this is the holy ground
Where you learn to abound
In me and see my face
So you can run this race

But then the voice was gone
And peopled stared at me
There crying on my knees
They saw in me new dawn

So I left that store with more
Than I had when I came in before
Deep down in my heart now written
Love Itself Can Never Be Hidden

So I will let this love show her face
Through mine and we will shine
Until the world will lay defenseless
Overtaken by this kind of love

Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2008

siempre y nunca

cuando las voces callan, las distracciones fallan
cuando mis preocupados pies paran de andar
cuando mi mente mareadora para de girar
cuando no lo puedo evitar, prisionero el pensar
te veo a ti - tu estas aqui...


There is nothing but despair
Can't stand another round
I am falling through the air
Will crash into the ground

The joy is gone
The end feels near
The friends were none
But you are here

You're my parachute

You catch me in my fall
Teach me how to fly
Know you are in control
Let's dive into the sky

You're my parachute

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008


Frozen flowers floating
On silent silky waters
As bright blistering light
Breaks through darkest nights
Burning up the darkness
Crashing through the surface
Underneath new life emerges
Unnoticed one red rose rises
Weaving through world's winter
Fanning fearful fires
Blooming beyond beauty
While this world is dying
One red rose's fire rages
Time to turn the pages
Flaming flowers flying