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Samstag, 27. Dezember 2008

The Box

Browsing through the third floor
Of a second hand store
I found our dreams stored in a box
The tag said: sale half price

I sat down to remember
Turning back the clocks
To where we dared to dream
Of the mysteries of the unseen

Our lives a rumor and a clamor
Of a love that parts the seas
The rivers sing, they dance the trees
And the hills shout loud about it

Love that goes from east to west
And runs as deep as it is wide
Love that's by your side
And holds the world together

The box in my hand I stand
And I try to understand
What happened to our hope
In this love of which we spoke?

Reaching into my pockets
Paper tigers, silhouettes
And keys that have no bound
Nothing else I found

Then I heard a strong voice say
Through the noise and through to me
Time to fall down on your knees and pray
And take off your shoes

For this is the holy ground
Where you learn to abound
In me and see my face
So you can run this race

But then the voice was gone
And peopled stared at me
There crying on my knees
They saw in me new dawn

So I left that store with more
Than I had when I came in before
Deep down in my heart now written
Love Itself Can Never Be Hidden

So I will let this love show her face
Through mine and we will shine
Until the world will lay defenseless
Overtaken by this kind of love

Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2008

siempre y nunca

cuando las voces callan, las distracciones fallan
cuando mis preocupados pies paran de andar
cuando mi mente mareadora para de girar
cuando no lo puedo evitar, prisionero el pensar
te veo a ti - tu estas aqui...


There is nothing but despair
Can't stand another round
I am falling through the air
Will crash into the ground

The joy is gone
The end feels near
The friends were none
But you are here

You're my parachute

You catch me in my fall
Teach me how to fly
Know you are in control
Let's dive into the sky

You're my parachute

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008


Frozen flowers floating
On silent silky waters
As bright blistering light
Breaks through darkest nights
Burning up the darkness
Crashing through the surface
Underneath new life emerges
Unnoticed one red rose rises
Weaving through world's winter
Fanning fearful fires
Blooming beyond beauty
While this world is dying
One red rose's fire rages
Time to turn the pages
Flaming flowers flying

Dienstag, 25. November 2008

Railway Poetry or The Insufficiency of Five Senses

Please melt these iron bars
Soul's prison and spirit's dungeon
To see you as you really are
You paint the sky with stars
With love as wide es oceans
You give yourself to be my portion
To see the beauty of your scars
I long, to see what lies
Behind that blurry reflection
Of who I think you are
Please open my eyes

Montag, 24. November 2008

In the end

I'm not ready
My breath fast
Ten thousand thoughts
My mind explodes
Sheol my abode
Truly deserved
Can't change the past
- despicable theft
Few moments left
But not him
Nailed to my side
Pure as a bride
If it is true
Then he can undo...
One brief look
Into his eyes
My universe collides
- I see paradise

the tree

softly the wind caresses
my rugged skin
there's someone under the tree
like an old man
the tree bends
over the river
the dark trunk
his black suit
he stretches his hands
the wooden fingers
almost touching the water
as if trying to reach out 
for something
(or someone?)
the old man is dying
the last leaves are falling
into the silent water
now the tree
is reaching out to me
the silent waters 
call my name
i'm not sitting under the tree
and the tree
is really me...

Mittwoch, 12. November 2008


can the numb limb feel the grip of grace?
can the deaf ear hear the voice of love?
can the crippled hand feel the touch of healing?
can the mute mouth speak the words of truth?
can the empty lungs breathe the breath of life?


La poesia
Es palabra
Que se levanta
Del papel
Y se hace humana.
Y al hacerse,
Y sangra.

Montag, 10. November 2008


Holiness melting my selfishness
Covers my weaknesses
Cleansed me from bitterness
Unforgiveness and vengefulness
Repentance in brokeness
Carressed by your kindness
I'll light up the darkness

Sonntag, 9. November 2008

Until we have faces

Running endless races
Changing lanes
And changing places
Switching names
Adjustable faces
Masks with pretty laces

The world's a surgeon
Creating empty spaces
Without leaving traces
Prefabricated personalities
Fitting for all cases

But in between phases
Somehow our eyes will embrace
Your look carving my face
Out of the thick haze

As new life lies erases
Hypocrisy through grace
And truthfulness replaces

Show me the real you
And I'll show you the real me

Until we have faces


You've burned me
With a kiss from heaven
Touched my lips
With a fiery coal
And now I burn
I burn for you
As cities burn
Their lights cannot be hidden
As my life shines
They will go for miles
To watch me burn
To see me die
As I find life
In you
And their eyes will burn
As they see love breaking through

Donnerstag, 6. November 2008

Broken violin

Like a broken violin
My voice breaking as I sing

There are ever missing strings
The heavy melodies I bring

From the past to which I cling
(Memories in distance ring)

But you hear my broken song
You have been there all along

Torn and shattered on the ground
What was lost has been found

This my weeping melody
You have rearranged for me

In your symphony
Beautiful symphony

Outstreched hands

Break my heart for what yours is broken
Want to speak the words you have spoken
Want to love the way I'm loved by you
Want to fight for what is right and true
Want to make a difference, take a stand
Here's my heart, here's my outstretched hand

Montag, 3. November 2008


With eyes wide shut
You look for truth
With hands tied up
You handle youth
With wounded wings
You try to fly
With broken limbs
You want to walk
With tight sealed lips
You try to talk
With numb fingertips
You fail to feel
Can't you see
You're running from
The only thing
That sets you free
And makes you sing?

Somewhere in the air between Zürich and Belgrade

tO dAnCe UpOn A sEa Of ClOuDs
YoUr PrAiSeS oN mY tOnGuE
aS aLl CrEaTiOn JoInS tO sHoUt OuT lOuD
tO sInG oF wHaT yOu'Ve DoNe


I see you standing there
In the middle of nowhere
Wrapped in a rainbow
Dressed in butterflies

Ten thousand splendid suns
Caught in the radiance
Of your sparkling eyes
I can see them glow:
Diamonds on the inside

And I think I see
My children in your eyes
And I think I see
My joy's in your smiles
And I think I see
My future in your arms

I see you standing there
Your beauty fills the air
A moment like a poem
But waves break into foam

And I wake from my dream
Now with all I am I dare
To dream this dream of you
One day it will come true
I know you will stand there

And until then
I will wait
And I will pray
I will hope
And I will stay
And I know
I will grow
Along the way

el poema de los oprimidos

quiero cantar
de lo que hemos sufrido
las làgrimas, las heridas
los suenos de lo que nunca ha sido
las risas quebradas
congeladas en el olvido
las manos quemadas
destrozadas sin sentido

quiero cantar
del dolor de los desconocidos
mi voz ahogada por mentiras
me cubren como olas

quiero cantar
mi voz sobre las olas alzar
quiero cantar
el poema de los oprimidos


Dienstag, 16. September 2008

The Sentence

With eyes as hard
As the rocks in their hands
They drag her before him
Shee looks like a wreck
With clothes torn apart
Her sight is blurry
Broken her heart
Death is their sentence
Will he be just?
He doesn't say a thing
Stoops down
Writes in the dust
Louder they cry
What will he say?
He stands up
She's trembling with fear
He opens his mouth
The words comming out
Strike them like thunder
One by one
Making a dump sound
Rocks drop to the ground
He looks at her
With love in his eyes
His words give life
She leaves
And now she lives