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Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013


Fragile as a dry leaf
Fragile as a spider’s web
Fragile as a strand of rain
Fragile as a newborn’s health
A teenager’s dreams
An unhappy marriage
An old man’s bones
Fragile as you in all your strength

Pepe Portero

Rough leather skin
Firm handshake
Sometimes as painful as that rusty gate screaming in its hinges
With a nod or a grin
Wide as mothers open arms
You’d call us over
Telling silly stories and jokes
But all I’d recall was cleaning agent, damp autumn leaves
The assuring weight of your hand on my shoulder
The cologne you’d wear on Sundays
That friendly, shriveled face
Like a raisin
And the raspy voice
Like iron grinding iron
Never showed, never said
What you used to do with our house in our absence
Never dreamed we were wrong to trust you


Time falls through me
From top to bottom
Thickening at my slender waist
Catch your aging reflection
In my translucent skin
As dust joins dust
On this pile of the past
When all is said and done
And the pile has become a mountain of memories
Please turn me, flip me, swap me, change me
But make sure not to break me
Because my time
Has not yet come

Come to the Table

Come to the table,
All you unable
You cripples and lame
In my Father's name
Come all you weary
You tired and burdened
Feeling unworthy
Come all the same

Come sisters, brothers
All single mothers
and you absent fathers  
Come rich or poor
If you want more
Come all who can
With empty hands

Come to the banquet
The biggest of feasts
You are all invited
From the West to the East
From North to South
Open your mouth
That I may fill it
Beggar or bandit
No need to hunger
Sit down and linger
Here by my side
I've filled the divide
There's no need to hide
Come, let me provide
All that you need
Come from the streets
I know all your deeds
I'll wash them away
(While I'm) washing your feet

Come all you nations
Kneel next to each other
Eat all together
No fights over treasure
Or wars against terror
Come all generations
Join in with creation
In this great celebration
Of Love's renovation
Come to the table
The climax of story
Come out of Babel
To give GOD the glory