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Donnerstag, 12. November 2009


you are/:





Montag, 9. November 2009


with my indifference and apathy
i have built a fence around me
and i wrap my pain in cellophane
before you all my life lays plain
all hiding and pretending is in vain
i can't put a wall before your eyes
can't wear a mask, cannot disguise
myself, my situation, how i look...
for you read me like an open book
got me tangling on a silver hook
when i feel far - you are near
even if i rise up into the atmosphere
hiding at the far side of the sea of tears
high on the wings of dawn, but all alone
if i make my bed in the deep darkness
of my idolatry and very selfishness
you are there, all the time and everywhere
there is no way i can ever be or stay
out of your tender grasp, your reach
my brazen boundaries you've breached
you know my feelings and my every thought
the secrets of my heart you've caught
where can i go from your spirit?
where can i flee from your presence?