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Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

A Christmas Sonnet

Those bright Christmas Lights can't light up the sky
By Darkness controlled black night of the soul
No big Christmas Gifts could be the reply
To the question sole of our own heart's hole
No pleasant moment of christmassy scent
With cinnamon smell makes everything well
All the money spent on food in Advent
Can't disguise Night's Hell nor break the Dark Spell
The Holiday cheer won't last for the year
No old tradition or celebration
Can with music mere mute all of our fears
But first Christmas Night transformed creation:
Bristling with morning, night so full of dawn
Joy for the mourning bringing hope for us all

Montag, 5. Dezember 2011


Schrei ich
Den Baum an
Aber Bäume
Sprechen nicht
Sie sind
Wie ich
Und stehen
Stumm dort
Am selben Ort

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

Life on the Hyphen

Please mind the gap!
They yelled at the equilibrist
as he balanced between

Walk the line like
Johnny Cash,
high up way above
the solid ground.

They found it exciting.
And what does it all mean?
How can something be
defined by it's failure
to be neither one
nor the other?

Everybody was clapping
by now.
Bye now, he waived.
But maybe there is a continuum
of being and meaning
on the brink of something new?

A link, bridge-like from the past.
Oh! Did you see that?
I can't believe
You've missed it.

Prayer For Renewal

Jump-start my heart
Refresh my flesh
Beckon my bones
Stir up my soul
Move in my mind

Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

About the Meaning of Words

What if words really meant what they say?
If ghostwriters were ghosts writing stories
and skyscrapers scratched heaven's itchy spots?
If cell phones were only used in prison and
'needless to say' would mark the end of a phrase?
What if my words really meant what I say?
Would my love shine as bright as day?
I wish words would mean more what they say.

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Daylight Saving Time

Slipping through my fingers
Time is restless
It doesn't linger
I thought of words
But I did not speak
I though of friends
But I could not meet them
You made my day
But I made nothing of it
What a waste!
How can I save time
When I need saving

Montag, 9. Mai 2011

out of my mind, into the truth

writing wasted words on walls
thumbing through theory
to transcend the train of thought
mesmerized by melting moments
this time my mind is wide open
colorblind and hazy-eyed tonight
i see the world in white
and black but mostly wholly bright
to my shock: "surprise!" the earth
tonight seems paralized in flight
with my consciousness on fire
i clean-cut to the core of matter
shattering clay, tearing terra open
baring the planet's bones
until truth resurfaces in order
to be read and understood
already complex colors rain down
washing clarity away over the speed
limit. my mind cannot keep up
the drill and the earth it spits
me right out with my eyes wide
open and my mind hazy, occupied
with wishing for wiser words

Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011


let me wipe
away your tears
oh, my dear
let me cast
away your fears
oh, my dear
know i am near
i'm right here
oh, my dear
sleep now
oh, my dear

with heart and mind

you're my security
in my mind, in my mind
you're just what i need
in my mind, in my mind
i know you will provide
all i need, all i need
oh, i just need a sign
for my heart, tired heart
guess i'm just not that strong
in my heart, in my heart
why is that so wrong?
in my mind, in my mind...