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Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2009

this little poem

those three words
are said too much
not meant enough
strike those chords
deep down in me
can't help but say
these poor verses
pour out my heart
my soul -my all
into this little poem
to simply whisper
i love you

Montag, 19. Januar 2009

set your sails

feelings for unknown shores
we too take ship, oh soul
setting our tattered sails
all eyes on the horizon
joyous we too launch into
trackless seas and endless
oceans, worlds in motion
under full canvas rush
oh soul, give up control
to sail beyond all doubt
sailing near wildest winds
invisible lands speek words
...of mystery to me
so drawn by the unknown
we too take ship, oh soul
fearless for unknown shores

Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2009

In This Wild Garden

You walked through your beloved vineyard
And searched the garden of your delight
You looked for justice; but saw bloodshed
For rightheousness; but heard cries of the oppressed
Your looked for beauty; but felt the scars

Outstreched Hands

Break my heart for what yours is broken
Want to speak the words you have spoken
Want to love the way I'm loved by you
Want to fight for what is right and true
Want to make a difference, take a stand
Here's my heart, here's my outstretched hand


who will wash the feet of the dalit
embrace the untouchables
kiss the hand of the leper

who will say to the unlovable
you are worth my life, my all
and words of comfort whisper

who will hear the orphan's call
and be a father to the fatherless
a mother to the motherless

who will live in tents with refugees
just to show they're not alone
and live to be their hope and home

who will fight for the raped
and care for the abused
spark new life and heal their wounds

who will feed the hungry
and provide water for the thirsty
thirsting for the other's satisfaction first

who will forsake his life
and live where terror strikes
to give his love to the agressors


Close Enough to Love

The only way to stop a suicide bomber
Is to embrace him and to hold him longer
Than his hatred and his fear hold him
And to love away the pain and suffering
Until he sees the prince of peace, the king
Of love who will one day end all wars...