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Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010


I'm looking for the door
My mind longing to explore
I'm pushing it wide open
Hoping to find the beauty
Of mysteries unspoken,
A story of unbroken glory
A true tale of ancient told
New worlds waiting to unfold
Past bushes and branches
Casting first curious glances
Snowflakes dance the waltz
By the warm light of a lamppost
Which stands there beckoning
Like a tall welcoming host
So, enchanted, I make my way
Through the snow-laden trees
Then valleys, rivers and hills
My soul spills over with joy
When one day I wake to see
In the distance, like little toys
The shapes of other seekers
Like pilgrims heading for
The sound of the mighty roar
And though the Lion is not tame
We'll hide our weary hearts
In the Lion's golden mane.


Ich möchte Momentaufnahmen von ganzen Tagen in Fotoalben lagern wie edle Weine in einem kühlen Keller. Ich möchte verzückende Augenblicke in tausend glückliche Stücke spalten um sie länger zu erhalten. Ich möchte die Zeit anhalten. Ich möchte aus flüchtig-sehnsüchtigen Gedanken mentale Monumente bauen; möchte Erlebnisse von Miniatur-Weltwunder-Grösse mit Ewigkeits-Zement untermauern. Ich möchte einzelne Erinnerungen ewig einfrieren und sie immer wieder auftauen um daraus neues zu kreieren und altes zu verdauen. Ich möchte die Zeit anhalten. Ich möchte Sekunden in Stunden und Tage ausdehnen und auskosten bis aus Kostengründen Uhrenmacher auf Minuten- und Stundenzeiger in Uhren verzichten, und Zeitungen immer nur noch von der selben Sekunde berichten. Ich möchte ganze Jahreszeiten und Zeitalter ohne Halt und ohne Umsteigen in einem Atemzug verbringen; möchte in Slow-Motion Zeitzonen durchdringen und durch schwarze Löcher in Zeitlöcher springen. Ich möchte das Jetzt in einem nie endenden Netz einfangen und es ein Leben lang bändigen um es für meine eigenen Zwecke einzuspannen. Ich möchte die Zeit zähmen; möchte demokratisch selbst meine Uhrzeit wählen. Ich möchte die Zeit anhalten...Ich kann sie nicht halten; weder mit den Armen eines Geliebten noch mit der Kraft eines Gebieters. Ich könnte sie in allen Farben der Melancholie bemalen und als Kunstwerk einrahmen, um sie dann an Sonntagen im Museum zu bestaunen; mich machtlos der Zeit ergeben, das Ableben des Moments bekanntgeben und mir selbst wundenleckend mein Beileid bekunden. Ich möchte die Zeit anhalten, aber ich kann sie prägen. In die alten Balken der Zeit meinen eigenen Namen einsägen und ich kann diesen Moment so leben, so gestalten dass es morgen einen Grund gibt...die Zeit anzuhalten

Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Calling Out

Music and lyrics by Matt Linder and Danny Suter

This is my stop, my destination
Getting out the bus with the sensation
That I'm out of options, used up my ration
Story of my life

Sit on my bed, look at the ceiling
Feeling dryed up, I get the feeling
That my cup is empty, I need a refill
Story of my life

Breathe in and
Breathe out
On my knees
No way out
Need to say
Need to shout
I'm calling out
Calling out

Everybody's calling out
Hoping somebody hears you
Calling out
I need you there
If you really care

ein tag zu zweit

wir ziehen
durch städte und wälder
in einem käfig bester klasse

wir fliegen
nach paris, l'amour
durch ein fenster

wir kämpfen
mit wind und wasser
auf einer blauen wiese

wir schweben
zwischen himmel und wasser
auf tausend bäumen

wir reisen
durch raum und zeit
mit büchern und herzen

wir entdecken
neue schönheit
mit deiner hand in meiner

wir geniessen
kerzen, ruhe, wärme
kleine köstlichkeiten

wir bedenken
zentrum, ursprung, ende
mit brot und wein

wir bestaunen
alte steine, grosse weite
im licht des mondes

wir duellieren
gegner und geliebte
mit insekten bewaffnet

wir träumen
mit geschlossenen augen
im gang bei der tür

gute nacht
ich liebe dich

Dienstag, 14. September 2010

the beggar's poem

like a beggar dressed in filthy rags
dirty and tired from the dusty road
opening these mighty golden doors
remember when i called this home
keep my eyes down as i stumble on
blinded by the beauty of this place
my memories come crashing down
the weight of the world on my back
i'm crying and falling on my knees
slowly lowly singing a broken song
my eyes still down i sense you close
i know you have been near all along
but you don't reject me and instead
you're reaching out to lift my head
torn and shattered on the ground
what was lost ha now been found

Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010


please part the clouds
come, part the seas
please calm the waves
come, mighty shout
disperse my enemies
please keep my soul
secure in thee
please bring me down
on bended knees
come, break through
please speak to me

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

time to change.

video music and lyrics by nadine furer (and band). lyrics co-written by daniel suter

stop rushing you make me
wonder if you can not see
that you're just moving
and running and living
you've got something to do
and always somewhere to be

time is passing
you feel like
you have to catch up
everybody's running
tryin' to make it to the top

you are chasing
after something
what are you achieving?
life is slipping through your fingers
are you really moving?
don't you need time to change
time to rearrange

i know I need time to change

Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

music (22.5.10)

there's an orchestra inside
playing the music of my heart that i can't hide
the rhythm section keeps beating it into my head
the wind section bursts out shouting it loud
the brass section bellows and brags about it
the strings sweep the words over me with bows

there's a big band playing in my heart
there's a swing band swaying in my waist
there's a choir singing in my soul
there's a marching band marching through my mind

they all play, in variation, the same melody
it is a piece, a song, a composition just for you and me,
it is a truthful tune, and it is beautiful,
and if i could translate music into words
i'm sure the words would be: i love you.

Montag, 14. Juni 2010

song in construction

i'm not the same
my life you've changed
i'm rearranged

my life's sold out
hear my heart's shout
it's all about

Freitag, 21. Mai 2010


the stars are like poems on god's beauty,
the nocturn sky a dark blue painting of his vastness.
the hills, the trees are sculptures of his creativity
and as the wind like breath of god
chills my skin and warms my heart,
i raise my eyes to see a shooting star -
god's awe inspiring poetry in motion.
then i look at you: his workmanship,
his masterpiece, his crowning work of art...
i see the radiant sun blazing inside of you.
i see the fire burning in your maroon eyes,
sparkling like a thousand shooting stars
and i see the movement in your hair.
your tresses flowing like ballroom dresses
over a dancefloor, dancing like ocean waves
and then...your lips curl into a smile.
the smile erupts in laughter,
bathing the whole world in it's warm light.
i can't help but stand here and delight
in this wonderful sight...of you.

Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

pilgrim's poem

we wander and we wonder
are you beyond my reach?
are you within my grasp?
how can you dwell in me
when you're so vast?

we search and we stroll
are you in control of all?
do you draw the signposts
on my street or do i mark
them as i make my way?

we travel and we marvel

i walk. i wonder. i walk.

Mittwoch, 21. April 2010


it seems love has many faces

can be found in different places

longing for joy and laughter

something that is softer

long for an embrace

someone i can love face to face

but over my emotions

i choose to live devotion

setting my eyes on the unseen

my distorted eyes, my heart wash clean

give me strength to make it through

i look to you

my invisible you

Freitag, 9. April 2010

the tale of sam sailor

there once was a man named sam sailor. sam lived on his ferry, which served to cross the river form one side to another. the ferry was attached to a wire rope stretched across the river and crossed the broad river purely by the force of the current. one day the rope broke and sam sailor drifted away. he drifted and drifted uncontrollably on his little ferry until he got the the sea. but it was not a nice sea, full of fish, dancing waves and underwater life, but a dark and dull sea with no fish in it and no boats on it that ever crossed by. so sam waited for the people of his town to come and rescue their ferryman. he waited days, weeks and months yet nobody came. and sam sailor floated on the sea for a year. and sam sailor floated on the sea for decades. he floated and floated on his ferry until he forgot who he was.
and because we are afraid of being hurt, we cut the wire ropes that attach us to our community and to other people. we retreat so deeply into ourselves that we forget the way back to the surface. instead, we drift and float along on our couches like a ferryman drifting aimlessly on the vast seas, without ever truly connecting to others.

Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

today i am out of my mind

what was i doing in there anyway?

Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010

sacred seed

i'm chasing rainbows, everyone elbows
like a busy stream that constantly flows
restlessly racing down a thousand roads
where nobody sees and nobody knows
i seem to oversee you in every scene
open my eyes and teach me how to see
oh i need to stop thinking about me
but in the middle of this busy street
in secret dwells a single sacred seed
i know you've been thinking about me
can i bring you this simple melody?
this is my prayer and this is my plea
oh won't you empty me so i can be
in this place here, only you and me

Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

The Father And The Son

See there?
He's standing
His arms open
The father
For the son
Though is heart
Has been broken
His arms are
Wide open
Stretched out
In longing
Waiting about
And he'll wait
Through a thousand
Splendid suns
And a thousand
Stormy nights
Every single day
Until the lost
May be found
The beloved
May come round
The father's arms
A second chance
He's saying
Come, son
Standing there
His arms bare
And open wide
As to invite
The whole world
The father
The return of the son
Will you come?

In The End

I'm not ready
My breath fast
Ten thousand thoughts
My mind explodes
Sheol my abode
Truly deserved
Can't change the past
- despicable theft
Few moments left
But not him
Nailed to my side
Pure as a bride
If it is true
Then he can undo...
One brief look
Into his eyes
My universe collides
- I see paradise

The Sentence

With eyes as hard
As the rocks in their hands
They drag her before him
Shee looks like a wreck
With clothes torn apart
Her sight is blurry
Broken her heart
Death is their sentence
Will he be just?
He doesn't say a thing
Stoops down
Writes in the dust
Louder they cry
What will he say?
He stands up
She's trembling with fear
He opens his mouth
The words comming out
Strike them like thunder
One by one
Making a dump sound
Rocks drop to the ground
He looks at her
With love in his eyes
His words give life
She leaves
And now she lives

Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010

word of god speak

(a desert song.)

will you plant your very will

in this rough and rocky desert
and calm the whirling winds
in my anxious agitated heart

will you pour down your water
upon this thirsty barren land
and whisper words of wisdom
to this bruised and broken soul

will you rain down your truth
on this dry and dusty ground
and undo the knots and blots
in my weary and loaded mind

Isaiah 35 & Isaiah 41...