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...see the world through my eyes and wander in my thoughts. Be curious, be challenged, be encouraged...be changed.

Montag, 9. Mai 2011

out of my mind, into the truth

writing wasted words on walls
thumbing through theory
to transcend the train of thought
mesmerized by melting moments
this time my mind is wide open
colorblind and hazy-eyed tonight
i see the world in white
and black but mostly wholly bright
to my shock: "surprise!" the earth
tonight seems paralized in flight
with my consciousness on fire
i clean-cut to the core of matter
shattering clay, tearing terra open
baring the planet's bones
until truth resurfaces in order
to be read and understood
already complex colors rain down
washing clarity away over the speed
limit. my mind cannot keep up
the drill and the earth it spits
me right out with my eyes wide
open and my mind hazy, occupied
with wishing for wiser words