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Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

time to change.

video music and lyrics by nadine furer (and band). lyrics co-written by daniel suter

stop rushing you make me
wonder if you can not see
that you're just moving
and running and living
you've got something to do
and always somewhere to be

time is passing
you feel like
you have to catch up
everybody's running
tryin' to make it to the top

you are chasing
after something
what are you achieving?
life is slipping through your fingers
are you really moving?
don't you need time to change
time to rearrange

i know I need time to change

Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

music (22.5.10)

there's an orchestra inside
playing the music of my heart that i can't hide
the rhythm section keeps beating it into my head
the wind section bursts out shouting it loud
the brass section bellows and brags about it
the strings sweep the words over me with bows

there's a big band playing in my heart
there's a swing band swaying in my waist
there's a choir singing in my soul
there's a marching band marching through my mind

they all play, in variation, the same melody
it is a piece, a song, a composition just for you and me,
it is a truthful tune, and it is beautiful,
and if i could translate music into words
i'm sure the words would be: i love you.

Montag, 14. Juni 2010

song in construction

i'm not the same
my life you've changed
i'm rearranged

my life's sold out
hear my heart's shout
it's all about