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...see the world through my eyes and wander in my thoughts. Be curious, be challenged, be encouraged...be changed.

Montag, 3. November 2008


I see you standing there
In the middle of nowhere
Wrapped in a rainbow
Dressed in butterflies

Ten thousand splendid suns
Caught in the radiance
Of your sparkling eyes
I can see them glow:
Diamonds on the inside

And I think I see
My children in your eyes
And I think I see
My joy's in your smiles
And I think I see
My future in your arms

I see you standing there
Your beauty fills the air
A moment like a poem
But waves break into foam

And I wake from my dream
Now with all I am I dare
To dream this dream of you
One day it will come true
I know you will stand there

And until then
I will wait
And I will pray
I will hope
And I will stay
And I know
I will grow
Along the way