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Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2009

A Little Tale

Love woke me up this morning
Tenderly tugging at my heart.
Passion pushed me out of bed
With the help of Anticipation.
Longing made sweet promises
While Joy took me by the hand.
Suddenly Distraction showed up
Entirely catching my attention.
I soon was introduced to Lies
Who talked alot and I believed.
Passion left the scene with Longing
Somehow Love looked very sick.
Destruction and Despair appeared
Pinning me down to the ground
Helpless I saw Death approaching
But then the glass crashed as Truth
Broke through the window, the door
Followed by Hope who made me
See that Truth had never left me,
Grace had been there all the time.
Again Joy took me by the hand
And led me to a lonely hill where
Salvation and Life were waiting.
I was embraced by Peace and
I saw Change as Holiness moved in.
Amazed I watched Light burning up
Darkness, Death and her companions.
And moved on to seek Wisdom,
Who I had been told could help avoid
Much of what had happened today
Now the journey goes on...