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Freitag, 21. Mai 2010


the stars are like poems on god's beauty,
the nocturn sky a dark blue painting of his vastness.
the hills, the trees are sculptures of his creativity
and as the wind like breath of god
chills my skin and warms my heart,
i raise my eyes to see a shooting star -
god's awe inspiring poetry in motion.
then i look at you: his workmanship,
his masterpiece, his crowning work of art...
i see the radiant sun blazing inside of you.
i see the fire burning in your maroon eyes,
sparkling like a thousand shooting stars
and i see the movement in your hair.
your tresses flowing like ballroom dresses
over a dancefloor, dancing like ocean waves
and then...your lips curl into a smile.
the smile erupts in laughter,
bathing the whole world in it's warm light.
i can't help but stand here and delight
in this wonderful sight...of you.