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...see the world through my eyes and wander in my thoughts. Be curious, be challenged, be encouraged...be changed.

Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010


I'm looking for the door
My mind longing to explore
I'm pushing it wide open
Hoping to find the beauty
Of mysteries unspoken,
A story of unbroken glory
A true tale of ancient told
New worlds waiting to unfold
Past bushes and branches
Casting first curious glances
Snowflakes dance the waltz
By the warm light of a lamppost
Which stands there beckoning
Like a tall welcoming host
So, enchanted, I make my way
Through the snow-laden trees
Then valleys, rivers and hills
My soul spills over with joy
When one day I wake to see
In the distance, like little toys
The shapes of other seekers
Like pilgrims heading for
The sound of the mighty roar
And though the Lion is not tame
We'll hide our weary hearts
In the Lion's golden mane.